Now, the magic is in the water!


We use the latest technology. The HOT Water-fed Pole System (WFPS) allows us to access all windows safely.

Initially, you may be unsure of the quality when using this system. That may be due to not understanding how it works so this page is designed to explain the technology and the benefits gained from using it. To find out more or to have a demonstration, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Now, the magic is in the water. Standard drinking water that we use day to day is full of minerals & impurities. When this water is left on the glass it will evaporate but of course, the minerals and impurities are left behind which mark the window.

We, however, don't use standard water. We filter our water through water softeners, reverse osmosis and deionisation filters to finally remove all impurities which leave us with 100% pure de-ionised water.

The next stage of the process is heating the water in the van which maximises the ability of the water to remove dirt. Once the water has reached temperature it is pumped through high tech poles onto your window.

We have a range of special brushes that attach to the poles for various applications to ensure all the dirt is lifted from the window & absorbed by the hot pure water. We then rinse the window & in turn wash all remaining dirt from the window to leave only pure de-ionised water which will dry off to leave a perfectly clean window.

The beauty of using the HOT wash pure water-fed pole system is that it ensures that not only your windows are cleaned but also your windows frames & sills will be kept immaculate too giving you an all round excellent result.

Its as simple as that!